Tech is Back

TSX & TSXV Technology and Innovation Sector

By the Numbers

From 2009 to year-end 2016:

  • 219 IPOs and New Listings
  • $40 billion raised
  • $84 billion increase in market value

Canada's Technology and Innovation sector, which includes Technology, Clean Technology and Life Sciences companies, is surging and is highlighted by the impressive growth of these companies on Canada's leading public markets: Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV).

Consider the numbers: From 2009 to year-end 2016, the sector saw 219 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and new listings; and during this time, companies in the sector rated $40 billion in equity capital. In addition, TSXV has continued to be an effective incubator for smaller companies. From the beginning of 2014 to year-end 2016, 17 technology and innovation companies graduated from TSXV to TSX—the highest graduation rate across all sectors.

TSX and TSXV support this rapid growth, which spells potential opportunities for technology and innovation companies, and investors who are interested in this thriving sector.

For Technology and Innovation Companies: A public listing offers access to new sources of funding, improved liquidity, an enhanced profile with customers and employees, and a currency for acquisitions, among other benefits.

For Investors: There are currently over 400 technology and innovation companies listed on TSX and TSXV, offering the opportunity for diversification and to participate in numerous fast-growing businesses—many with global operations. Notably, several companies have been aggressively growing via acquisition. This underscores the fact that some of Canada's largest technology companies are becoming world-scale players in their sectors.

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