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Millani’s Semi-Annual ESG Sentiment Study of Canadian Institutional Investors

Millani's seventh Semi-Annual ESG Sentiment Study of Canadian Institutional Investors highlights that the ESG pushback in the U.S., along with regulatory pressures, have increased the rigor of ESG integration within investment processes of many institutional investors. It is now more mainstream within their firms, rather than being a sidelined approach. Of the investors who commented on the pushback, 89% said it had no impact on their business.

Findings were obtained from 40 interviews conducted in June 2023 with asset owners and managers across Canada totaling over CA $5.8 trillion in AUM.

Other key topics from the study:

  1. Investors are hungry for transition products and the Canadian Taxonomy will be key in enabling their development
  2. A switch from EDI to Human Capital and Human Rights due diligence
  3. A rethink on investor engagement toward collaborative efforts

Millani's Semi-Annual ESG Sentiment Study of Canadian Institutional Investors

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