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Year End Thank You from TSX and TSXV

On behalf of the entire team at Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, I am writing to thank you for your essential partnership in making Canada's unique markets the most diverse, innovative, and resilient public market ecosystem in the world. Public markets are a proving ground for ambitious business strategies and game-changing innovations, and a key driver of economic growth. And whether you are one of the more than 200 companies and funds that joined our markets in 2023, or a company that has maintained a listing on TSX or TSXV for over 100 years, we are firmly committed to creating the conditions for your long-term success. It is a responsibility that we don't take lightly. Thank you for entrusting us with your listing.

Looking back, 2023 has been a year defined by macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges that have negatively impacted global capital markets and economies. Through the year, accessing all forms of capital became more difficult and more expensive for companies here in Canada and around the world.

We are keenly aware of the vital role that public companies play in creating jobs and economic activity. As we move forward, in keeping with our corporate purpose to make markets better and empower bold ideas​​​, we are working to find ways to better serve our listed issuer clients: increasing efficiencies and transparency across our processes while reducing regulatory burdens, timelines and costs. Our goal is to remove friction points and obstacles to enable you to focus full attention on executing your business strategies and reaching your full potential.

Over the last 12 months, some of the initiatives that we have executed to support clients and make markets better include:

Making our markets better

  • Enhancing TMX LINX, a centralized portal for listed issuers to interact digitally with us in a secure and efficient manner
  • Engaging with hundreds of TSXV issuers and market participants, and then taking action to increase efficiencies, accelerate transaction timelines, and reduce costs for TSXV issuers via our Venture Forward commitments
  • Engaging actively with regulators, governments, and our advisory committees to advocate for changes that stimulate investment, promote fairness, and ease regulatory burdens on public companies
  • Championing our market as a globally-unique growth platform through targeted advocacy on fiscal and economic policy, right-sized regulatory requirements on various matters including ESG and diversity disclosure, and fair treatment for public companies in government support programs
  • Enhancing policy transparency and easing access to capital through amendments and clarifications to TSX's policies, such as the recently adopted public offering pricing policy

Profiling our issuers to global investor audiences

  • Connecting issuers to capital by leading or sponsoring 20+ investor events/conferences and supporting the launch and growth of new investor events, including the inaugural TSX Indigenous Business Investor Day, TMX Connects, and the Canadian Climate Investor Conference
  • Profiling over 400 of our issuers to investor audiences globally through our Corporate Access Program and by leveraging digital properties at the TMX Market Centre and in key cities across Canada
  • Expanding the digital reach of our flagship issuer recognition programs, TSX Venture 50 and TSX 30, to over 110 million impressions globally
  • Developing interest from new investors by leading international roadshows and supporting the listing of new ETFs
  • Expanding the series of S&P/TSX indices by launching new indices to track emerging sectors; with over C$800 billion of Canadian equity funds indexed or benchmarked to S&P/TSX Indices, the series represents the most widely used benchmark for Canadian equity funds
  • Increasing the visibility of TSX/TSXV issuer quotes and company data to over 100,000 professional investors and millions of retail investors globally

Enhancing issuer support and tools

  • Expanding the capabilities of TSX InfoSuite, a complimentary market data and analytics tool used by over 1,300 of our listed issuers
  • Growing our on-demand issuer education resources to include over 400 curated and searchable videos, podcasts, and articles
  • Supporting over 1,200 issuers via various capital markets education and mentorship initiatives, including our complimentary Growth Accelerator program
  • Modernizing TSX Trust's investor support and call centre operations to enhance the user experience and reduce frictions for ~1,700 issuers and their 2 million+ shareholders

If you would like to talk further about your listing or how we can support you in 2024, please feel free to reach out at any time. Also, for important issuer-focused resources, business updates, tools and thought-leadership, consider subscribing to our newsletter.

Once again, on behalf of the entire team at Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, thank you. We wish you and your families a healthy and enjoyable holiday season.



Loui Anastasopoulos
CEO, Toronto Stock Exchange & Global Head, Capital Formation
TMX Group

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