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Q3 ESG Insights from SOOP

This quarterly newsletter from SOOP Strategies shares insights and current, need-to-know topics in mining and ESG, plus SOOP business updates including services, community engagement, professional development, and future planning. The current newsletter highlights a recent interview with CEO, Sabrina Dias, in podcast format about the future of ESG in mining.

Q3 ESG Insights from SOOP

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Millani's 5th Annual ESG Disclosure Study: A Canadian Perspective

Over the past five years, Millani has assessed the environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability disclosures of the S&P/TSX Composite Index constituents, providing insight and context to the research and identified trends. Millani gathered data on Canadian issuers' uses of reporting standards and frameworks such as the GRI, SASB and TCFD, along with data on how many companies are disclosing on topics such as climate change, diversity, and Indigenous relations.

Interested in Free ESG Insights and Broader ESG Reporting Dissemination?

As part of the agreement with IHS Markit, all TSX and TSXV-listed issuers, may enter their ESG data into the Repository at no cost and benefit from: free access to peer analysis and investor insights, a framework converter that helps issuers identify where their reported ESG data aligns with another framework or standard, fillable templates that can be downloaded for issuer website disclosure. IHS Markit's extensive distribution channels to disseminate the information to global investors and stakeholders