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Venture Forward: Accelerating the Evolution of Canada's Public Venture Market

TSX Venture Exchange is excited to launch an important new initiative called "Venture Forward". This is the start of a multi-month process of engaging with issuers, investors, advisors, and other representatives from across our stakeholder community to discuss and gather insight on how Canada's unique public venture ecosystem can take action to innovate, adapt and evolve over the coming years.

In keeping with our corporate purpose, TSX Venture Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange are committed to making markets better and empowering bold ideas. We believe it is vital to lead the evolution of Canada's public venture market to ensure it remains the world's leading ecosystem for launching early-stage companies and funding their growth.

As we chart our course for the near and long-term future, we want to hear from you. Read and reflect on the White Paper here:

Venture Forward: Accelerating the Evolution of Canada's Public Venture Market

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