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Top 3 Articles of Q1

Let's recap the past quarter with some highlights - we pulled the top 3 most viewed articles from Q1. Check them out below if you've missed them!

TSX InfoSuite: Company Management Report

Create a board report at the push of a button with the Company Management Report, our new tool in TSX InfoSuite.

Contributors weigh-in on ESG

What is the biggest ESG topic for 2023? We asked our ESG 101 Contributors exactly that. See their insights and expertise below.

Charting the Future of Canadian Governance

The "Charting the Future of Canadian Governance" report outlines recommendations for ensuring Canadian boards are well equipped to meet new challenges and rising expectations.

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Venture Forward Information Session

Last month, TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) officially launched Venture Forward. This webinar recording provides more information about the commitments outlined in our comprehensive report and the collaborative work ahead of us.

Exercising ESG v.1

Congratulations to these three Toronto Stock Exchange issuers, who won the Best ESG reporting award at the annual IR Magazine Awards - Canada.