UNDERSTANDING your stock's trading activity

Use our tools to access:

  • trading data
  • shareholder information
  • largest buyers and sellers of your stock
  • firms that trade your stock anonymously
  • volume of your stock traded on other markets

TSX InfoSuite

As a listed company, you have free access to TSX InfoSuite, a tool to help you track your stock’s performance, and to understand who holds and trades your stock. With a wide variety of data and functionality, your company account holders can access shareholder information, consolidated Canadian trading, volume-weighted averages and calculators, net house summaries, foreign exchange rates, short positions, and other relevant data for a full view of the marketplace.

Anonymous Activity

With a subscription, your company can use our monthly trading reports which uncover the broker firms behind anonymous trades. Anonymous activity is a module available exclusively through TSX InfoSuite.

Info TSX Venture

Info TSX Venture is a free tool to access corporate and market data about companies listed on TSX Venture Exchange. It includes information on business activities, operating locations, management affiliations and trading statistics.

TSX Market Makers

Every security listed on Toronto Stock Exchange has a designated Market Maker who is responsible for supporting an orderly market for trading of the security.

TSXV Odd Lot Dealers

Odd Lot Dealers help facilitate fractional trades and ensure an orderly market for securities listed on TSX Venture Exchange.