TSX InfoSuite

A complimentary market data and shareholder solution for listed companies

Achieve both your investor relations and corporate goals with the help of TSX InfoSuite. TSX InfoSuite provides a wide variety of data and functionality including shareholder information, consolidated Canadian marketplace trading, volume-weighted average price data, intra-day trading, net house summaries, foreign exchange rates, short positions, and more.

Some of the benefits:

  • A view showing brokers who are the largest buyers and sellers of your stock, as well as any other stock, i.e. your peer's
  • A calculator to determine volume-weighted average price for reporting purposes
  • A watch list and portfolio manager to keep abreast of holdings, peers and indices
  • A mobile solution for quotes and market information
  • Downloading functionality to capture and report on the various data modules
  • An alert function to receive updates for a variety of data sets

Key Features:

  • Intra-day trading and consolidated Canadian marketplace trading
  • International trading data
  • Historical prices and broker summaries
  • Short position reports
  • Shareholder activity from Morningstar
  • News and earnings estimates
  • Analytics and fundamentals, including research and key ratios
  • Charting
  • Dashboard for executive and board updates
  • Real-time, level II/market depth and anonymous activity (available with a subscription)

TSX InfoSuite is complimentary* to all listed companies. Additional subscriptions for real-time data, market depth and the anonymous activity can be added to an individual's account. A premium version with additional datasets is also available.

To request an account for your company, please write to issuer.services@tmx.com.

TSX InfoSuite

* Some restrictions apply.