2021 Guide to Listing

MINING SECTOR 21 #1 in global mining equity financings over the past 5 years KEY BENEFITS ❶ Access To Capital TSX/TSXV Mining companies have raised $44 billion in the past five years through over 7,000 financings. This represents 52% of the number of public mining financings completed and 37% of the mining equity capital raised, globally. ➋ Liquidity & Trading Almost 57.4 billion Mining company shares were traded on our Exchanges in 2020. ❸ Global Visibility More than 200 global analysts cover TSX and TSXV listed Mining companies and approximately 40% of all trading originates outside of Canada. ❹ Growth Support TSXV-listed companies have the potential to graduate to TSX as they grow and mature. From 2000 to 2020, 300 Mining companies have graduated from TSXV to TSX. ❺ Tailored Listing Criteria Listing requirements are tailored to companies at varying levels and accommodate a range of companies from exploration stage to production. ❻ Value-added Services Supporting Growth Relevant mining business experience and in-house geologists. 52% of all global mining financings in the past five years were completed by companies listed on TSX and TSXV 37% of all global mining equity capital in the past five years was raised by companies listed on TSX and TSXV ~45% of the world’s public Mining companies are listed on TSX and TSXV LSE/AIM HKEx NYSE/NYSE American ASX TSX/TSXV $3.8 $5.6 $8.5 $27.2 $44.3 Mining Equity Financings Over the Past 5 Years ($ Billions) Source: TSX and TSXV Market Intelligence Group and S&P Global Market Intelligence. As at December 31, 2020.