2021 Guide to Listing

INNOVATING FOR CUSTOMERS 30 MiG REPORT The MiG Report provides year-to- date data on listings, financings and trading activity across Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, broken down by sector and region. TSX ETF REPORT The TSX ETF Report highlights new providers, new ETFs listed, and other ETF industry news. INVESTOR INSIGHTS REPORT The Investor Insights Report presents monthly market data about sector index performance, share price and trading information, and investor takeaways. FOR MORE INFORMATION Please go to tsx.com/mig FOR MORE INFORMATION Please contact TSX Trust Corporate Sales at tsxtrust.com/contact-us/corporate-sales with questions regarding the selection of a transfer agent. 4 locations across Canada 90+ experienced employees #2 market share MiG The Market Intelligence Group (MiG) is part of the Business Development Team. This group works closely with capital market advisors and private companies to provide data and insights on listings, financings and trading. TSX TRUST Once you've made the decision to list on TSX or TSXV, you will need to select a transfer agent. Transfer agents performmany necessary functions for a Canadian publicly traded issuer, including transferring shares, investor communications, managing investor mailings, sending and tabulating proxies, scrutineering shareholder meetings, paying dividends, and performing corporate actions such as mergers and acquisitions. TSX Trust, a member of the TMX group, is the largest Canadian-owned transfer agent. Their experienced team of professionals will not only support you through the IPO process, but will subsequently be there for the long term, providing advice and service as your company prospers and evolves. With a track record of success, TSX Trust has built its business on three key pillars - service, expertise, and superb execution. If your plans also include issuing debt, TSX Trust is a perfect choice to provide Corporate Trust services too. Over 1 , 200 Clients