2022 Guide to Listing

18 | 2 0 2 2 G U I D E T O L I S T I N G SUPPORTING YOUR GROWTH EDUCATION PROGRAM Complimentary one-on-one education and mentorship program, to support company growth and success. HOW IT WORKS ❶ Company executives select the sessions of interest. ❷ We arrange a time and place for each one- on-one session. ❸ Each session is designed to take about an hour. SESSIONS GROWTH ACCELERATOR GOVERNANCE Principles of Good Governance Building an Effective Board DISCLOSURE TMX Disclosure Requirements IIROC’s Role Regarding Disclosure INVESTOR RELATIONS Top Ten Best Practices in IR Conducting a Successful AGM Tracking, Targeting & Surveillance Board Reports FOLLOW-ON TRANSACTIONS Post Listing Transactions Declaring Dividends Initiating a Normal Course Issuer Bid TRADING Trading Basics Understanding Your Trading Role of Your Market Maker ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND GOVERNANCE ESG Disclosure TSX COMPANY SERVICES As you become a publicly listed company, you will be assigned to a dedicated Regional Head of Company Services who will introduce you to our broad suite of services available to your company. Contact issuer.services@tmx.com to learn more.