2022 Guide to Listing

2 0 2 2 G U I D E T O L I S T I N G | 39 Market Opens Broadcast Live on BNN, Canada’s main business television network. THE LISTING EXPERIENCE WE OFFER BOOKINGS For more information, please visit marketcentre.tmx.com or contact events@tmx.com BRAND VISIBILITY In Reach ~2M THE MARKET OPEN/CLOSE NEW LISTING VIDEO WITH MARKETONE MEDIA GROUP THE DIGITAL DISPLAY IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO TSX/V SOCIAL FEEDS: INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDIN TMX Group offers your company numerous complimentary marketing opportunities to support your new listing visibility. TMX Market Centre is carving space in the core of Toronto’s Financial District, the heart of Canada’s Capital Markets. The space features a modern, versatile venue for conference rental, meeting room bookings, team-building events, market opens & closes, or corporate events.