U.S. Companies - 2023 Guide to Listing

2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 36 37 SUPPORTING YOUR GROWTH COMPANY SERVICES SESSIONS Complimentary one-on-one education and mentorship program, to support company growth and success. Growth accelerator education program Governance Follow-on Transactions Disclosure Trading Investor Relations Environmental, Social and Governance Principles of Good Governance Building an Effective Board Governance & Board Best Practices Board Roles and Committees Post Listing Transactions Declaring Dividends Initiating a Normal Course Issuer Bid TMX Disclosure Requirements IR Web Page Dissemination of Material News IIROC’s Role Regarding Disclosure Mechanics Motivations Indices Role of Your Market Maker Top Ten Best Practices in IR Conducting a Successful AGM Tracking, Targeting & Surveillance Board Reports Importance of ESG ESG Disclosure Content How to Disclose Metrics Responsibility and Disclosure Channels The Company Services team is committed to supporting TSX and TSXV-listed issuers with a broad suite of services. As part of the listing process, you will have a designated regional advisor to assist you with every stage of your growth. By leveraging a deep understanding of Canadian capital markets, the team provides solutions, actionable insights, and market intelligence that facilitate the funding, profile, and success of our listed companies. TSX InfoSuite TSX INFOSUITE CORPORATE ACCESS LEARNING ACADEMY & ESG 101 Graduation from TSXV to TSX Customizing an Effective Workspace InfoSuite Principal Tools Functionality of Key Modules InfoSuite Additional Products TSX Infosuite is a complimentary market data and shareholder solution for listed companies. TSX InfoSuite provides a wide variety of data and functionality including shareholder information, consolidated Canadian marketplace trading, volume-weighted average price data, intra-day trading, net house summaries, foreign exchange rates, short positions, and more. Our Corporate Access program provides listed companies with opportunities to receive enhanced profile and to engage with investor audiences. The program also offers market intelligence to supplement your investor access. Listed companies can access a wide variety of issuer-relevant resources on our education platforms, or can choose to receive our bi-weekly newsletter. Content includes market insights, event notifications, podcast releases, and product updates. Profile to Investors: Profiling issuers to key pools of investors and providing them with opportunities to raise market awareness Advisory: Intelligence: Educating issuers on how to effectively approach their investor access efforts Keeping issuers current on company-specific shareholder and trading data in addition to peer ownership and global capital flow intelligence Why Graduate & Benefits as a TSX-Listed Issuer Do you Qualify? Steps to Graduation Marketing Support