U.S. Companies - 2023 Guide to Listing

2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 4 5 REALIZE YOUR VISION Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) are a unique funding and listing platform for U.S. companies looking to raise growth capital. Companies with early revenue, a strong management team, and a growth strategy to eventually list on a U.S. exchange should consider the Canadian capital markets as an alternative that may be the right fit. A GROWTH PLATFORM FOR U.S. COMPANIES Companies listed on TSX and TSXV have access to North American capital markets, one of the world’s largest capital pools. With a wide investor base providing liquidity, our Exchanges also serve as access points to the international pools of capital for companies seeking growth and expansion capital. • Home to 126 U.S. listed companies from diverse sectors. • A sophisticated, diversified marketplace that connects companies of all sizes and sectors to the growth capital they need. • A two-tiered capital formation ecosystem, offering traditional and non-traditional financing and liquidity solutions. • A gateway to North American capital, providing listed companies with access to Canadian, U.S. and international investors. FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to us.tsx.com to learn more and to contact your U.S. regional representative. U.S. COMPANIES LISTED ACROSS ALL SECTORS Technology 21% Mining 26% CPC 2% Consumer Products & Services 4% Clean Technology 6% Closed-End Funds/ ETFs/SPAC 2% Financial Services 4% Industrial Products & Services 6% Oil & Gas 5% Real Estate 6% Life Sciences 17%