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Sonia Li Trottier

Canada Climate Law Initiative

The Canada Climate Law Initiative (CCLI) is Canada’s climate governance knowledge mobilization and policy hub. Through our Climate Governance Experts program, we offer free and confidential board education sessions on climate risk and governance. Our team comprises some of Canada’s leading legal academics and practitioners. Our presentations are based on our extensive legal research. They include the latest trends in climate risk and disclosure, the legal duties of directors and fiduciaries, as well as insights on how to govern with confidence in the transition to a net-zero economy. CCLI brings together knowledge, leading practice, and trusted insights to advise Canadian businesses and governments on how to respond to today’s urgent climate impacts through climate governance.

372 Bay St.
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2W9

Sanders Lazier

Carbonhound, Inc.

Carbonhound automates high credibility climate reporting by integrating with thousands of primary data sources to unlock revenue opportunities and operational savings for our clients in a landscape of changing regulatory and stakeholder expectations. Our platform simplifies carbon management to make it easy and affordable for businesses to take climate action.

10 299 Marquette
Montreal, Quebec, H2C 3E4

Cedric B. Robert


Clearsum is a key Canadian business management and strategy advisory firm. Specialized in scenario planning and analysis in the context of climate change, and leveraging a data-driven approach, Clearsum advisors help public and private organizations build resilience to future climate-related threats, realize the full potential of climate-driven opportunities, improve corporate performance and embed sustainability at the core of strategy. Building on years of proven experience in business, strategy, environment, finance and policy, Clearsum advisors apply their expertise in scenario planning and analysis using a variety of frameworks, including the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Clearsum can also provide customized early warning signal monitoring and tracking, and seamless integration into enterprise risk management registers and monitoring systems. As a result of our industry-leading, science-based and data-driven strategy services, our clients improve their risk-adjusted return while increasing their societal value.

850 Courtney St
Victoria, BC V8W 1C4

Yara Farran
905 929-4988


Coeuraj is a transformation practice that exists to build a more inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable world. Whether our clients are looking to reshape their organization, build trust among diverse stakeholders, or design and plan their strategy, the best outcomes emerge from taking in the widest range of viewpoints. We get there using tools that leverage the richness and complexity of human interaction, including collaborative design, data science, and strategic foresight.

301-2555 Grasswood Road East
Saskatoon, SK, S7T 0K1

Haleigh King

Creative Fire

Creative Fire is a 100% Indigenous-owned professional services firm that provides expert support in strategic consulting, communications, community engagement, reporting, branding and design. Dedicated to helping clients reach their strategic goals, we take a partnership approach to every project and meet our clients wherever they are on their Reconciliation or ESG journeys. Using both established and emerging practices in these spaces and taking a data-driven and holistic approach, we tailor our work to each organization’s needs. With deep Indigenous roots and more than two decades of experience working alongside institutions, companies and leaders in Indigenous and non-Indigenous settings, we are driven to introduce Indigenous insights, people and partnerships to our business and our clients. Our team of thought leaders and industry experts support major corporations across Canada, particularly in the nuclear energy, mining and power generation sectors as well as finance, health and not-for-profit.

147 Spadina Ave, Suite 207
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2L7
416-203-4674 (ext. 231)

Corporate Knights

Corporate Knights is a media and investment research company that produces rankings and financial product ratings based on sustainability performance. Corporate Knights also acts as Secretariat to the Council for Clean Capitalism, a group of CEOs from leading Canadian companies dedicated to advancing a more sustainable economy. The company’s media division publishes Corporate Knights Magazine, the world’s largest-circulating publication focused on responsible business. Recently named Magazine of the Year by the National Magazine Awards Foundation of Canada, Corporate Knights Magazine is printed quarterly and has a print circulation of 147,750 reaching 443,250 readers some of the world’s most influential business and political decision-makers as an insert in Canada’s Globe and Mail and the Washington Post in the United States.

277 Wellington St W
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3H2

Taryn Abate

CPA Canada

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) represents the Canadian accounting profession, both nationally and internationally. Operating in the highly complex and global accounting ecosystem, CPA Canada is a convener, facilitator, contributor and disseminator of information that advances the profession. The organization works closely with the provincial, territorial and Bermudan CPA bodies to champion best practices that benefit business and society. With more than 217,000 members, CPA Canada is one of the largest national accounting bodies in the world. The organization supports the setting of accounting, auditing and assurance standards, advocates for economic and social development in the public interest, and develops leading-edge thought leadership, research, guidance and educational programs.

Suite 100, 264 Adelaide St. E
Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1N1

Garrett Jones


Proudly Canadian with global impact, Delphi is a boutique consulting firm specializing in ESG, climate change, and sustainability. As a registered B Corp with 30+ years of experience, we don't just know our stuff... we live it. Our clients are private and public companies from all sectors and regions in North America, including many of Canada's top 100 companies. Delphi is part of Profoundry, a collective of like-minded sustainability and climate experts that includes GLOBE Series, CBSR, and Leading Change Canada, making us the biggest, most impactful platform for accelerating and showcasing sustainable performance in Canada.

Organizations are facing mounting pressure from shareholders, financial institutions, and regulators to manage the complexities of ESG risks and opportunities. With a strong presence across Canada and a roster of industry-leading experts, we offer unparalleled guidance in navigating the constantly evolving ESG landscape. Our team serves as an invaluable extension of your own and is laser focused on securing your long-term success.

First Canadian Place
100 King Street West Suite 5600
Toronto, ON M5X 1C9

Sarah Keyes

ESG Global Advisors

ESG Global Advisors bridges the gap between companies and investors on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. A multi-disciplinary team with significant investor and corporate experience, we are uniquely positioned to offer expert advice to companies and investors on material ESG factors that drive long-term value, including climate change. We assist companies and boards of directors with:

  • Understanding how investors integrate ESG factors into investment processes and stewardship
  • Developing strategies for managing material ESG factors to generate superior long-term value
  • Developing approaches to ESG-related disclosure and engagement with shareholders

We also assist institutional investors and other capital market participants in integrating ESG factors into the investment process by:

  • Educating investment teams on the value of ESG integration
  • Developing custom frameworks to integrate ESG factors across asset classes
  • Enhancing stewardship strategies, including engagement, proxy voting and reporting processes
Quebec, Canada

Marie-Josée Privyk

FinComm Services

FinComm provides information and advisory services that meet companies' specific needs and circumstances so that they can take action with clarity and confidence, wherever they happen to be on their ESG and sustainability reporting journey.

Services include:

  • Sustainability reporting strategy development
  • ESG disclosure guidance
  • Educational programs
  • Reporting quality assessment for continuous improvement

With rapidly evolving ESG and sustainability practices and mounting pressure from investors and other stakeholders to act, FinComm's deep expertise helps companies cut a clear path to decision-useful sustainability reporting as part of an effective management program that creates value for the company and for society.

An experienced capital markets practitioner, Marie-Josée Privyk combines her knowledge of financial analysis, capital markets, business valuation, corporate reporting, and investor relations with a deep subject-matter expertise in corporate sustainability reporting.

100 Park Royal South, Suite 300
West Vancouver, BC, V7T 1A2

Niilo Edwards

FNMPC Advisory Centre

The FNMPC Advisory Centre is an Indigenous community owned business providing strategic advisory services and advice on matters such as the inclusion of Indigenous interests in ESG frameworks and standard setting, the building of business strategies that are inclusive of Indigenous participation, and the provision of advice leading to clear pathways to economic reconciliation. With decades of experience working with Indigenous communities, projects proponents, investors, and governments, the FNMPC Advisory Centre has the full breadth of expertise necessary to assist top-level public and private sector clients who are seeking to build constructive partnerships with Indigenous communities.

1255 Bay Street, Suite 801
Toronto, Ontario, M5R 2A9

Laura Zizzo

Manifest Climate

Faced with a changing climate, the world is transitioning to a low-carbon, more resilient economy. For businesses, this means unprecedented pressure to govern and disclose climate-related risks and opportunities. Manifest Climate helps the world’s leading businesses navigate the risks and opportunities of climate change. We uncover the insights needed to respond to climate pressure and find climate confidence. We provide insights to identify, assess, and manage climate change within organizations. From foundational learning, governance & disclosure to future scenario planning, our insights help business leaders take action towards climate resilience wherever they are on their climate journey.

7 Shannon St.
Toronto, ON M6J 2E6

Gina Pappano



MarketIntelWorks Inc. is a data research and analytics firm with a focus on gender diversity on Boards and on Executive Management Teams of TSX listed companies.

We translate research and data into market intelligence to drive competitive advantage, strategy, policy changes, governance, public relations, marketing, recruiting and business development. We believe that "without data, you are not accountable and cannot measure progress" (G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council, 2018).

In an effort to improve gender diversity on Boards and on Executive Management Teams, MarketIntelWorks has created On The Board which tracks all companies on TSX and their Board Members and Executive Management Teams by gender, sector, board tenure, index membership, size of company, region, listing date, type of listing, plus more. We provide the definitive market intel tool to clients with a twice-yearly status report on gender parity on Boards and Executive Teams.

550 Chemin du Golf, Suite 250
Montreal, Quebec, H3E 1A8

Milla Craig
514-507-8010 (ext.101)


Over the past 15 years, Millani has become the partner of choice for institutional investors, both asset owners and managers. By providing advisory services on integrating material ESG issues into their investment strategies and decision-making processes, we help our clients reduce risks, increase returns, and create value. Millani is also leveraging this expertise and its experience in sustainability consulting to help reporting issuers improve their ESG disclosure to investors and optimize their market value.

10 Alcorn Avenue, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M4V 3A9

Francisca Quinn


Quinn+Partners is a leading management consultancy specializing in corporate sustainability, sustainable finance, climate change and responsible investment advisory services. We work closely with public and private companies and institutional investors, giving us unparalleled insight into both.

Our vision is to be our clients’ trusted advisor in all matters relating to sustainability and ESG. Our mission is to advance sustainability integration in business and capital markets.

We believe that integrating sustainability enhances reputation, manages risks, realizes efficiencies, drives innovation, and contributes to more resilient, future-oriented businesses. Sustainability is a catalyst for positive change that creates shareholder value every step of the way.

Quinn+Partners supports:

  • leading public and private companies to embed sustainability practices into their businesses and navigate the transition to an inclusive, low-carbon economy
  • leading investors to integrate ESG and impact into investment portfolios with the aim of helping to achieve stronger performance and better investment results
206-1999 Marine Dr
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3J3

Erin Dixon

Reconciliation Canada

Born from the vision of Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, Gwawaenuk Elder, Reconciliation Canada is leading the way in engaging Canadians in dialogue and transformative experiences that revitalize the relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Our model for reconciliation engages people in open and honest conversation to understand our diverse histories and experiences. We actively engage multi-faith and multi-cultural communities to explore the meaning of reconciliation. Together, we are charting a New Way Forward.

Through the development of meaningful partnerships and community outreach programs, Reconciliation Canada has delivered a series of Reconciliation Dialogue Workshops across Canada, hosted events during Reconciliation Week in September 2013, including the Walk for Reconciliation engaging 70,000 people in Downtown Vancouver, and co-hosted events in Ottawa and Vancouver to coincide with the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Each person has an important role to play in reconciliation. Reconciliation begins with oneself and then extends into our families, relationships, workplaces and eventually into our communities.

111 Peter Street, Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1

Nicholas Buccheri

Responsible Investment Association (RIA)

The Responsible Investment Association (RIA) is Canada’s industry association for responsible investment (RI). RIA is a nonprofit, membership-based organization with a mandate to drive the adoption of responsible investing in Canada’s institutional and retail markets. RIA Members include asset managers, asset owners, advisors, and service providers who believe incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions can provide superior risk-adjusted returns and positive societal impact.

41 Couture Crescent SW
Calgary, Alberta, T3E 7R3

Craig Stenhouse

Shift Critical International Ltd

Shift Critical International Ltd is a leading sustainability advisory firm based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was founded by two award-winning sustainability professionals with nearly 50 years of senior corporate leadership experience between them. Shift Critical works with businesses and investors to provide strategic solutions that help them grow sustainably. The company helps to identify, manage and disclose ESG risks and opportunities that are critical to the long-term success of businesses. Shift Critical offers customized solutions to individual partners, providing expertise, strategic advice, executive training programs and hands-on implementation related to material sustainability issues, ESG performance management and corporate governance. The company's innovative solutions help businesses secure investor confidence, enhance enterprise value and build a cohesive network of stakeholder advocates.

12 Cranfield Road, Suite 220
Toronto, Ontario, M4B 3G8

Sabrina Dias

SOOP Strategies

SOOP Strategies delivers intelligent sustainability performance solutions to companies in the extractive industry. Our work is creating a shift in the industry where our clients are seeing performance results when integrating ESG into their business, through improved scores with ratings agencies, attraction of new investors, and environmental stewardship and societal contribution that is strategic and lasting. Our solutions include sustainability policies and programs that are practical and pragmatic. Our ESG reporting strategies consider the needs of investors and ratings agencies, and our process to produce your report stress tests your current sustainability processes – so you are not reporting just for the sake of reporting.

Bristol Broad Quay House, Prince Street
Bristol, BS1 4DJ, United Kingdom

Darren Clare
+44 20 3301 3300

Stratton Craig

Stratton Craig is a copywriting agency made up of a diverse team of copywriters, strategists and project managers. Together, we’ve been helping our clients win with words since 1987.

Starting with strategy, research and planning, we work with our clients to make more of their communications. And by matching talented writers to clients based on specialist sector and channel experience, we prime every partnership for success.

From one to twenty writers, construction to cars, social media to annual reports – there’s no such thing as a typical partnership. We build teams based on each client’s needs. And then we apply our trademark flawless account management to maintain momentum and ensure seamless delivery.