TSX Listing Process

Listing your company on a public marketplace is an important decision. Planning the application process should begin well in advance of the point in time in which you intend to list on TSX.

To apply, companies must submit a TSX listing application and supporting documents such as the Personal Information Form. Resource companies must also submit geological reports in compliance with regulatory guidelines, as prepared by an independent and qualified third-party.

If your company is issuing a long-form prospectus, we will accept the TSX listing application cross referenced to that prospectus, provided you also submit the required supporting documents and can demonstrate that public distribution requirements are met.

The TSX Listings Committee is responsible for approving all listing applicants. The committee may also consult the Listings Advisory Committee, comprised of persons in the securities industry, on complex or unique applications. On approval for listing on TSX, your legal counsel will be provided with a letter of conditional approval, outlining any outstanding filing requirements.

Once conditionally approved for listing on TSX, you will receive an invitation for a listing ceremony to celebrate your status as a newly listed company. We will arrange for media coverage of the event, and will also introduce your company to the various Exchange departments your company will work with moving forward.

Post-listing, TSX will regulate the issuance of any additional capital, monitor compliance with the established reporting requirements, and ensure that your company meets the Exchange's ongoing listing requirements.