Many companies that list on TSXV eventually grow to meet the listing requirements of TSX and choose to graduate to the senior board. Hundreds of companies have followed this path. In fact, one in five companies in the S&P/TSX Composite Index are graduates of TSXV.

Once your company is ready, we can help your company graduate to TSX in an efficient and economical manner. Consider these benefits of graduation:

Cost savings

  • TSX listing application fee (CDN$10,000) will be waived for eligible TSXV issuers. Original Listing Fees will still apply.

Reduction of documentation

  • Certain issuer information on file with TSXV can be accessed by TSX, reducing the number of documents required to be submitted.

Waiver of sponsorship

  • Sponsorship requirements may be waived for qualified TSXV issuers.*

Once listed on TSX, additional benefits may include:

  • Increased access to capital
  • Enhanced reputation from meeting the minimum standards of a senior exchange board
  • Greater visibility – TSXV graduates listed on TSX are covered by an average of five analysts
  • Access to institutional capital – institutional investors have invested $15 Billion in TSXV graduates
  • Enhanced liquidity on world markets – roughly 40% of TSX trading is originated by international headquartered Investment Dealers
  • Escrow policies may be reduced upon graduation to TSX
  • Improved M&A opportunities
  • A TSX listing is a requirement for inclusion in the majority of indices and composites

*Some conditions apply. See Part III and Appendix A of the Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual for complete details.

Please see our Graduation Information Sheet for more information. 

For more information on the graduation process, contact Business Development.