Toronto Stock Exchange Announces the 2022 TSX30Ⓡ, Celebrating the Exchange’s 3-Year Performance Leaders

September 15, 2022

2022 Edition of the Exchange's issuer showcase program highlights energy and natural resources

September 15, 2022 (TORONTO) - Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) today announced the 2022 TSX30; an annual ranking of the 30 top-performing stocks over a three-year period, based on dividend-adjusted share price performance. The flagship TSX30 program, established in 2019, recognizes the successes of our listed companies, highlights the overall strength of Canada's diverse and ever-evolving public markets, and the efficacy of this powerful ecosystem in driving growth for issuers, investors and the overall economy.

Representatives from the TSX30 companies will join TMX Group executives to open the market this morning at 9:30 a.m. ET to celebrate this achievement.

"The 2022 TSX30 is an important program showcasing our issuers' strong performance through recent macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty, and amidst a continuously evolving operating environment," said Loui Anastasopoulos, CEO, Toronto Stock Exchange and Global Head, Capital Formation, TMX Group. "Investors are focusing on companies that innovate across and beyond their core offering, transform how they operate, and diversify their business for long-term growth and resilience. The 2022 TSX30 winners are leading the future of business, and on behalf of all of us at TSX, I congratulate them on their achievements and look forward to our continued partnership."

Canada's energy and natural resources sectors are prominently featured in this year's list: 14 of the 30 are oil and gas companies; eight are mining companies.

Other 2022 TSX30 highlights include*:

  • Strong returns: an average 301% adjusted return over three years, despite a global pandemic and economic challenges
  • Proudly Canadian: 90% are Canadian companies, demonstrating the strong value proposition of this country's public markets
  • Growth starts here: 50% of the companies on this year's list are not on the S&P/TSX Composite Index*, demonstrating the diversity of investment opportunities in Canada's premier equities market
  • Canada's two-tiered ecosystem is producing winners: 37% are TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) graduates, clear evidence that TMX's markets support growth from early-stage issuers to global leaders

For detailed results, ranking methodology, visit:

The 2022 TSX30 ranking:

RankingIssuerTicker3-Year Performance*
1 Aura Minerals Inc. ORA 683%
2 Obsidian Energy Ltd. OBE 537%
3 Crew Energy Inc. CR 470%
4 Capstone Copper Corp. CS 451%
5 Lithium Americas Corp. LAC 391%
6 Advantage Energy Ltd. AAV 391%
7 Paramount Resources Ltd. POU 383%
8 Tourmaline Oil Corp. TOU 366%
9 PyroGenesis Canada Inc. PYR 353%
10 Trisura Group Ltd. TSU 345%
11 K92 Mining Inc. KNT 337%
12 NuVista Energy Ltd. NVA 295%
13 Birchcliff Energy Ltd. BIR 262%
14 Allkem Limited AKE 257%
15 MEG Energy Corp. MEG 255%
16 ECN Capital Corp. ECN 254%
17 Peyto Exploration & Development Corp. PEY 246%
18 Aya Gold & Silver Inc. AYA 245%
19 Athabasca Oil Corporation ATH 236%
20 WELL Health Technologies Corp. WELL 234%
21 Maxar Technologies Inc. MAXR 227%
22 Orla Mining Ltd. OLA 220%
23 Cardinal Energy Ltd. CJ 220%
24 Pipestone Energy Corp. PIPE 216%
25 Trican Well Service Ltd. TCW 215%
26 Baytex Energy Corp. BTE 208%
27 ARC Resources Ltd. ARX 192%
28 IBI Group Inc. IBG 188%
29 TFI International Inc. TFII 175%
30 Perseus Mining Limited PRU 168%

*Source: TSX/TSXV Market Intelligence Group analysis. Based on historical dividend-adjusted share prices from S&P Capital IQ. As at June 30, 2022.


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