TSX MOC Imbalances - Price Extension Movements (PME)

At 4:00 pm, the calculated closing price ("CCP") is determined by combining the orders in the Market On Close (MOC) Book with those in the central limit order book. The CCP is validated against the PME range. The PME range is defined as the greater of either (i) 5 trading increments or (ii) the PME percentage parameter, from both the VWAP of the last 20 minutes of regular market trading and the last board-lot sale price from the continuous market. If the CCP does not violate the PME range then the symbol will close at the CCP and trades will be published, otherwise a price movement extension (PME) period between 4:00 pm and 4:10 pm will be initiated for that symbol. MOC will fill all MOC orders against other offsetting MOC orders and offsetting LOC orders and offsetting CLOB orders up to a maximum price volatility percentage. This metric is known as the Closing Price Acceptance (CPA) parameter.

The PME period is designed to solicit further liquidity to offset a remaining imbalance. During the PME, limit orders, on the contra-side of the imbalance may be entered into the MOC book, such orders are not displayed. At 4:10 pm the CCP is recalculated and validated against the closing price acceptance ("CPA") parameters, which is a price control parameter that is used to either accept or reject the CCP that is derived from the PME. If there is a violation of the CPA parameter, the symbol will close at the price that matches the most volume, leaving the least imbalance within the CPA range.

Market on Close

SymbolImbalance SideImbalance SizeImbalance Reference Price

The table displays the last MOC message for the current trading day. The MOC message is broadcast at 4:00 pm for symbols where a PME is necessary and the CCP, VWAP PME Imbalance Volume and PME Imbalance Side will be displayed at 4:00 pm ET only when a stock has violated the price movement extension parameter.

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