TSX SecureFile

TSX SecureFile® is a secure, web-based filing system that enables you to meet monthly reporting and document submission requirements. All listed companies are required to file using TSX SecureFile and must register at least one user to access the system.

Please note that filings by fax, mail, courier or e-mail will not be accepted.

Benefits of TSX SecureFile include:

  • Efficient Filing - Forms can be completed and filed directly from the filer's desktop. In addition, TSX SecureFile generates an immediate submission receipt confirmation.
  • Enhanced Security - All filings and internet communications between the filer's desktop and TMX servers are encrypted.
  • Controlled Access - You control all access to your filing account. Access to TSX SecureFile is by an application procedure administered by the Exchange and your account is secure against unauthorized access or viewing.

The following reporting forms must be submitted through TSX SecureFile:

  • Reporting Form 1 - Change in Outstanding and Reserved Securities
  • Reporting Form 2A - Change in General Company Information
  • Reporting Form 2B - Change in Jurisdiction of Incorporation (Country only)
  • Reporting Form 2C - Change in Fiscal Year-End
  • Reporting Form 2D - Change in Interlisting Status
  • Reporting Form 2E - Change in Transfer Agent and Registrar
  • Reporting Form 3 - Change in Officers / Directors / Trustees
  • Reporting Form 5 - Dividend / Distribution Declaration
  • Reporting Form 8 - Change in Investor Relations Contact
  • Reporting Form 9A - Request for Extension for Financial Reporting / Annual Meeting
  • Reporting Form 9B - Request for Exemption for Financial Reporting / Annual Meeting

These forms are provided on TSX SecureFile in HTML format. They are completed on-line and then submitted to the Exchange.

The forms can be printed prior to being submitted to TSX and, once submitted, are available for viewing through TSX SecureFile for 15 months.

If you are a TSX SecureFile registered user but require information about your user identification, passwords, access or functionality of TSX SecureFile, please contact our TSX SecureFile Administrator at 416-947-4526 or at tsxsecurefile@tmx.com.