Exchange Bulletin

Intercure Ltd. (INCR.U) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

April 22, 2021

Issuer: Subversive Acquisition LP ("Subversive")
Resulting Issuer: Intercure Ltd. ("Intercure")

Old SecuritiesOld SymbolsNew SecurityNew Symbol
Subversive Restricted Voting Units ("Units") SVX.U Intercure Ordinary Shares ("Shares") INCR.U
Subversive Rights ("Rights") SVX.RT.U Intercure Ordinary Shares ("Shares") INCR.U
Anticipated Transaction: Further to TSX Bulletin 2021-0367 dated April 9, 2021, the closing of the Qualifying Transaction that had been delayed, has been rescheduled and is anticipated to occur after the close on April 23, 2021. All other information relating to the Qualifying Transaction as set out in TSX Bulletin 2021-0363 dated April 8, 2021, remains unchanged, except as noted below.
Number of New Securities issued and outstanding following the Closing of the Qualifying Transaction: 42,706,380 Shares
Number of New Securities reserved for issuance: 7,986,201 Shares
Trading Currency: At the request of Intercure, the Shares will now trade in US dollars (Symbol: INCR.U) rather than Canadian dollars (Symbol: INCR). The substitution will take effect on April 23, 2021 (after the close).
Listing date for New Securities: April 23, 2021 (as at 5:01 p.m.) in anticipation of Closing of the Qualifying Transaction
Anticipated Closing date: April 23, 2021 (after the close)
Posted for trading date for New Securities: April 26, 2021 (at the opening), subject to confirmation of closing of the Qualifying Transaction
Halt and delisting date for Old Securities: If the Qualifying Transaction closes as scheduled, it is anticipated that the Units and Rights will be halted April 26, 2021 (at the opening) and be delisted April 26, 2021 (at the close).
Other market(s): The Shares continue to be listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Units and Rights have been delisted from NEO Exchange.
Additional information: See TSX Bulletin 2021-0363 dated April 8, 2021 and TSX Bulletin 2021-0367 dated April 9, 2021 (together, the "Prior Bulletins"). Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein are as defined in the Prior Bulletins. TSX will issue a Trader Note as soon as practicable after the Closing announcing details of the Qualifying Transaction. The Shares will be quoted and traded on Toronto Stock Exchange in US funds and trading information regarding the Shares will appear under the heading "Trading in US Funds" in the TSX Monthly Review.
TSX contact: Chris Birkett,
Managing Director,
Toronto Stock Exchange