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Exchange Bulletin

Brookfield Business Partners L.P. (BBU.UN) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

May 30, 2016

Brookfield Business Partners L.P. (“BBU”) – An application has been granted for the original listing in the Industrial category of approximately 94,741,373 limited partnership units (“BBU Units”) of BBU, of which approximately 43,741,373 BBU Units will be issued and outstanding and approximately 51,000,000 BBU Units will be reserved for issuance.

As described in today’s Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) Bulletin regarding Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (“BAM”) (Symbol: BAM.A), holders of class A limited voting shares of BAM (“BAM Shares”) of record as of the close of business on Thursday, June 2, 2016 (the “Record Date”) will receive 0.02 BBU Units for every BAM Share held (that is, 1 BBU unit for every 50 BAM Shares held) (the “Distribution”). Fractional BBU Units will not be issued pursuant to the Distribution. Any fractional interest will be payable in cash, with the amount being determined by multiplying such fraction by the five day volume weighted average trading price of the BBU Units following the Distribution.

It is understood the Distribution will be payable on or about Monday, June 20, 2016. Holders of BAM Shares need not take any action in order to receive the BBU Units to which they are entitled.

The BBU Units will be posted for trading on a “when issued” basis at the opening on Tuesday, May 31, 2016. Subject to the Distribution occurring on Monday, June 20, 2016, trading on a when issued basis will conclude at the close of business on June 17, 2016 and the BBU Units will be listed and posted for trading on a regular basis at 12:01 a.m. on June 20, 2016.


Stock Symbol: "BBU.UN" CUSIP: G16234 10 9 Currency: CDN$


Designated Market Maker: Altacorp Capital Inc.
Other Markets: The BBU Units will be concurrently listed on the NYSE under the symbol “BBU”. From May 31, 2016 to and including June 17, 2016 trading will occur on a “when issued” basis under the symbol BBU WI.
Head Office Address: 73 Front Street
5th Floor
Hamilton, HM 12
Head Office Telephone Number: (441) 294-3309
Fax Number: (441) 296-4475
Email Address:
Investor Relations Contact: Jennifer Ritchie
Tel: (416) 956-5230
Incorporation: BBU was established on January 18, 2016 as a Bermuda exempted limited partnership registered under the Bermuda Limited Partnership Act of 1883, as amended, and the Bermuda Exempted Partnership Act, 1992, as amended.
Fiscal Year End: December 31
Nature of Business: BBU is a business services and industrials company, focused on owning and operating high-quality businesses that are low-cost producers and/or benefit from high barriers to entry. BBU will be Brookfield’s primary vehicle for business services and industrial operations. Its principal business service operations include construction services, residential real estate services and facilities management. Its principal industrial operations are comprised of crude oil and natural gas, or oil and gas, exploration and production, palladium and aggregates mining, bath and shower products manufacturing, the production of graphite electrodes and the manufacturing and supply of engineered precast systems and pipe products.
Chief Financial Officer: Craig J. Laurie
Corporate Secretary: Jane Sheere
Transfer Agent & Registrar: CST Trust Company at its principal offices located Toronto.
Distributions: The BBP General Partner intends to make quarterly cash distributions in an initial amount currently anticipated to be approximately $0.25 per unit on an annualized basis. The first quarterly distribution is expected to be paid on or about September 30, 2016 subject to board approval, with such distribution being pro-rated for the period from the date of the Distribution to the record date for such distribution.
Sponsorship: Not applicable

Termination and Settlement of When Issued Trading

All trades in the when issued market from and including Tuesday, May 31, 2016 to and including Friday, June 17, 2016 will be for special settlement on Thursday, June 23, 2016 and will appear on the Settlement Report from CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. The BBU Units will commence trading on a regular basis at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, June 20, 2016.

If payment for the Distribution is not made, all trades made in the when issued market will be cancelled. No securities will be delivered or be deliverable and no money will be owed by purchasers to sellers.

Parties who hold BAM Shares (or who are entitled to receive BAM Shares under a legally binding unconditional contract) may sell, in the when issued market, such BBU Units, up to the number of BBU Units they would hold upon the completion of the Distribution, without being subject to restrictions on short sales.

TSX will not be liable directly or indirectly for any loss attributable to the exercise of any of its above-described rights or to the cancellation, settlement or failed settlement of any trade or trades made in the BBU Units.

For further details regarding the Distribution, reference should be made to the prospectus of BBU dated May 13, 2016.