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Exchange Bulletin

Horizons EURO STOXX 50® Index ETF (HXX) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

December 5, 2016

Issuer: Horizons EURO STOXX 50® Index ETF

SecuritySymbolCUSIPIssued and Outstanding SecuritiesReserved SecuritiesIssue Price
Class A units ("Class A Units") HXX 44053C 10 7 200,001 None $25.00
Listing category: Non-Corporate
Trading currency: CDN$
Transaction: Initial public offering of Class A Units (the "Offering")
Listing date: December 6, 2016 (as at 5:01 pm) in anticipation of closing of the Offering.
Anticipated closing date: December 7, 2016 (prior to the opening)
Posted for trading date: December 7, 2016 (at the opening) subject to confirmation of closing of the Offering.
Other market(s): None
Designated market maker: National Bank Financial Inc.
Security ownership registration: CDS book-entry only system
Investor relations: Martin Fabregas
Tel.: (416) 601-2508
Incorporation: Open-ended mutual fund established under the laws of the Province of Ontario on April 1, 2016 pursuant to an amended and restated master declaration of trust.
Manager and Trustee: Horizons ETFs Management (Canada) Inc.
Fiscal year end: December 31
Nature of business: The ETF seeks to replicate, to the extent possible, the performance of the EURO STOXX 50® Futures Roll Index (Total Return), net of expenses. The EURO STOXX 50® Futures Roll Index (Total Return) is designed to measure the performance of 50 of the largest companies that are sector leaders in the Eurozone.
Transfer agent and registrar: CST Trust Company at its principal office in Toronto.
Distributions: The ETF will not make regular distributions. The ETF will, only when necessary, distribute income in the form of a distribution in Class A Units or reinvested into Class A Units of the ETF at the end of a taxation year. Such reinvested Class A Units will then be consolidated so that the number of Class A Units held by an investor after such a distribution will be equal to the number of Class A Units they held the moment before the distribution. In the case of a non-resident Unitholder if tax has to be withheld in respect of the distribution, the Unitholder's dealer will invoice or debit the Unitholder's account directly.
Sponsorship: Not applicable
Offering document: Prospectus dated April 1, 2016, which is available at Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein are as defined in the Prospectus.
Initial public offering: 200,001 Class A Units will be issued at a subscription price of $25.00 per Unit. The ETF is authorized to issue an unlimited number of Class A Units, each of which represents an equal, undivided interest in the net assets of the ETF. Class A Units of the ETF are being issued and sold on a continuous basis and there is no maximum number of Class A Units that may be issued.
TSX contact: Julie K. Shin,
Director, Listed Issuer Services,
Toronto Stock Exchange.