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Exchange Bulletin

First Mining Finance Corp. (FF) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

June 20, 2017
Issuer: First Mining Finance Corp. ("First Mining")
Security: Common Shares (the "Shares")
Symbol: FF
Number of securities issued and outstanding: 546,722,616 Shares
Number of securities reserved for issuance: 104,765,670 Shares
Listing category: Mining, Non-Exempt Issuer
CUSIP: 320883 10 1
Trading currency: CDN$
Listing and posted for trading date: June 22, 2017 (at the opening)
Other market(s): The Shares have been listed on TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") since October 11, 2005 and trade under the symbol "FF". The Shares will be delisted from TSXV on June 22, 2017, upon commencement of trading on Toronto Stock Exchange.
Temporary market maker: TD Securities Inc.
Investor relations: Derek Iwanaka
Vice President, Investor Relations
(604) 639-8824
Email :
Incorporation: Business Corporations Act (British Columbia)
Fiscal year end: December 31
Nature of business: The principal business of First Mining is to acquire high-quality mineral assets in geopolitically safe areas of the Americas and either advance them or hold them until a time when capital markets for commodities and mining improves. First Mining's principal project is the Springpole Property in the Red Lake Mining District in Ontario, Canada.
Transfer agent and registrar: Computershare Trust Company of Canada at its principal offices in Vancouver.
Dividends: None anticipated in the foreseeable future
Sponsorship: Not Applicable
TSX contact: Julie K. Shin,
Director, Listed Issuer Services,
Toronto Stock Exchange