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Exchange Bulletin

MAV Beauty Brands Inc. (MAV) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

July 6, 2018
Issuer: MAV Beauty Brands Inc. (the "Company")
Security: Common shares ("Shares")
Symbol: MAV
Issue price per security: $14.00
Number of securities issued and outstanding: 37,577,169
Number of securities reserved for issuance: 7,253,517
Listing category: Industrial
Trading currency: CAD
Transaction: Initial public offering of Shares (the "Offering")
Listing date: July 9, 2018 (as at 5:01 p.m.) in anticipation of closing of the Offering
Anticipated closing date: July 10, 2018 (prior to the opening) (the "Closing Date")
Posted for trading date: July 10, 2018 (at the opening) subject to confirmation of closing of the Offering
Other market(s): None
Temporary market maker: TD Securities Inc.
Security ownership registration: Non-Certificated Inventory System of CDS
Investor relations: Chris Doyle
Chief Financial Officer
(905)530-2500 Ext. 232
Incorporation: The Company was incorporated under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act ("BCBCA") on September 7, 2016. As part of the Pre-Closing Capital Changes, the Company will amalgamate with certain of its Canadian subsidiaries by way of a short form vertical amalgamation under the BCBCA.
Fiscal year end: December 31
Nature of business: The Company is a personal care company consisting of the following personal care brands: Marc Anthony True Professional, Renpure, and Cake Beauty. The Company's products include a wide variety of hair care, body care and beauty products.
Transfer agent and registrar: TSX Trust Company at its principal offices in Toronto.
Dividends: The Company intends to retain any future earnings to pay down debt and/or fund the development and growth of their business and do not currently anticipate paying dividends on the Shares in the near-term.
Sponsorship: Not applicable
Disclosure document: Prospectus dated June 28, 2018 which is available at Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein are as defined in the disclosure document.
Initial public offering: The Offering consists of 9,000,000 Shares from treasury and a secondary offering of 8,267,000, at a price of $14.00 per Share.
TSX contact: Julie K. Shin,
Director, Listed Issuer Services,
Toronto Stock Exchange