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Exchange Bulletin

Profound Medical Corp. (PRN) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

July 11, 2018
Issuer: Profound Medical Corp. ("Profound")
Security: Common Shares (the "Shares")
Symbol: PRN
Number of securities issued and outstanding: 108,043,939 Shares
Number of securities reserved for issuance: 36,295,712 Shares
Listing category: Industrial, Non-Exempt Issuer
Trading currency: CDN$
Listing and posted for trading date: July 13, 2018 (at the opening)
Other market(s): The Shares have been listed on TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") since September 24, 2014 and traded under the symbol "PRN". The Shares will be delisted from TSXV on July 13, 2018, upon commencement of trading on Toronto Stock Exchange.
Designated market maker: Citadel Securities Canada ULC
Investor relations: Stephen Kilmer
Investor Relations
(647) 872-4849
Incorporation: Business Corporations Act (Ontario)
Fiscal year end: December 31
Nature of business: Profound is a medical device technology company developing a treatment to ablate the prostate gland in prostate cancer patients, treatment of uterine fibroids, and palliative treatment of bone metastases.
Transfer agent and registrar: TSX Trust Company at its principal office in Toronto
Dividends: None anticipated in the foreseeable future
Sponsorship: Waived
TSX contact: Julie K. Shin,
Director, Listed Issuer Services,
Toronto Stock Exchange