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Sales and Marketing

The TSX Markets Account Management team is your resource for information on being a Participating Organization of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange, new trading products and services, and how to access Canada's capital markets efficiently. We are dedicated to providing Participating Organizations and the investment community with a high level of customer service and support.

TMX Equity Trading Account Management

Paul Dimtsis +1 416-947-4335
Michael Tintinaglia +1 416-947-6679
Brady Wilson +1 416-220-7941

Market Operations

The TMX Market Operations team offers superior Trading and Vendor Services support for Participating Organizations, Members and Subscribers of the TSX, TSX Venture and TSX Alpha Exchange, as well as the institutional investment community.

Trading and Vendor services

Our Trading and Vendor Services teams ensure technical connections to the exchanges are as smooth and efficient as possible, servicing all client technology requests pertaining to the TMX Equity marketplaces, including questions on:

  • General trading enquiries (including hours of operation, holiday closures, issues and general information)
  • Trade cancellations
  • Buy-in administration
  • Trader license approvals and transfers from one firm to another
  • Weekend testing preparations
  • Connections
  • User ID additions and deletions

TMX Market Operations Support Team:

Trading Services Support +1 416 947-4357 or toll-free +1 877 370-0020
Vendor Services Support +1 416 947-4705
Trade Cancellations +1 416 947-4440
User ID Requests
General Inquiries +1 888 873-8392 or