January 15, 2024
Ops Notice 2024-007

TMX Group

TMX Operational Notice

TMX Axis - User access and network visibility feature announcement

The TMX Axis team is pleased to unveil two long-awaited features of the TMX Axis portal.

The User Access Management

With information security in mind, TMX would like to introduce the User Access Management feature which allows the firm's admin user to identify the correct person in your organization to whom to provide the right access. The Admin user will be able to manage access (add/remove) to specific users within your firm for each separate feature available on the portal.

This ensures that the services are only visible to the person who should have access to them and the accesses are provided or removed by you as changes happen at your firm.

NOTE: the current user state will remain until you make the changes (all current Admin users will remain unchanged).

The Network connectivity visibility

Portal Users will not only be able to make new requests but also to see the list of existing connections and what services they give you access to going forward with this new feature.

If your firm is accessing TMX services directly via your own ethernet connection to TMX, you will be able to see the connectivity IP address and the Peering IP along with the location. If your firm is accessing TMX services through a connectivity provider, you will be able to see the provider's name and the services available on a specific EPG (Source IP.)

To obtain the "how to" procedure, please reach out to the team at the email address on the signature.

The above enhancements will be available for all portal clients by the end of January 2024. For a demo or to obtain more details on how these 2 features work, please contact and coordinate with the following operation teams:

For Derivatives (MX) derivatives.operations@tmx.com (514) 871-7872 or toll-free: 1(877) 588-8489

For Equities (TSX, TSXV, Alpha, and Alpha-X/DRK) equities.operations@tmx.com (416) 947-4705