April 18, 2022
Datalinx Notice 2022-007

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TMX Datalinx Announcement - Subscriber Pro Agreement Notice

TMX has always strived for continuous improvement in our business process. As part of our efforts to continue to reduce market data administrative workflow efforts by our vendors and clients, we no longer require an additional "Professional Agreement for Receipt of Canadian Market Data" to be completed each time an existing service location is used for a new end user regardless of location, so long as they have the same Head Office & Billing address as any of their existing site(s).

We look forward to implementing this and other changes as we continue to improve the workflow processes between us and our vendors and we look forward to hearing your ongoing feedback as we continue to make business process optimization changes.

Please contact Dave Hill (dave.hill@tmx.com) or Emma Moogk (emma.moogk@tmx.com) should you have any questions.


Director - Datalinx Business Operations
TMX Datalinx