March 13, 2023
Equities Notice 2023-007

TMX Group

TMX Equity Trading Notice

TMX Equities - New Market - Correction to Notice and Request for Comment

Further to TMX Equities Notice 2023-006 announcing the publication of a Request for Comment on March 2, 2023 regarding the introduction of a new market comprising two new order books to the TMX marketplace: Alpha-XTM and Alpha DRKTM , a Correction to the Request for Comment has been published to correct certain clerical errors contained in the Request for Comment.

As a reminder, the public comment period ends on April 3, 2023.

For more information regarding this notice, please contact the Account Management Team.

Mike Tintinaglia (416) 471 8638
Paul Dimtsis (416) 819 3001
Brady Wilson (416) 220 7941