November 20, 2023
TMX IP Notice 2023-118

TMX Group

TMX Information Processor

Technical Issue Impacting TMX IP Data via MCC Site - Update

Attention TMX Information Processor Clients

Please be aware that TMX IP is experienced a delayed start-up of all TMX IP feeds out of Markham (MCC).

All CDF Feeds from MCC have been successfully restarted and are disseminating market data. Due to the recovery refresh mechanism, clients should avoid packet arbitration on CDF-CSE, CDF-OMG and CDF-LYX.

TMX IP is working to restart the remaining TMX IP feed services.

All TMX IP feeds from Toronto (TCF) are operating normally.

Feeds Affected: All TMX IP Feeds

Site(s) Impacted: MCC

We continue to investigate and will provide updates as they become available.