April 12, 2021
Ops Notice 2021-019

TMX Group

TMX Operational Notice

MOC Modernization Specifications Update

Please be advised that updated versions of the Broadcast Feed (v9.0.1), Quantum Real Time (QRTMD) Level 1 (v-2.7.1) / Level 2 (v-2.5.1), and Quantum Feed (Binary data) Level 1 (v-2.5.1) / Level 2 (v-3.5.1) specifications for the TSX MOC Modernization changes are now available on the TMX Webstore. These versions replace previously released versions. Updates include change in field name "Price Variation Indicator" to "Price Variation" and change in "Paired Volume" tag number from 690 to 698.

For more details on TSX MOC Modernization, please see Equities Trading Notice 2021-007.

For more information contact TMX Market Operations at (416) 947-4357.