January 11, 2021
Ops Notice 2021-002

TMX Group

TMX Operational Notice

New Enhancements in GTE

TMX Market Operations is reminding all Participants that the following enhancements will be made available in our Gateway Testing Environment (‘GTE') effective tomorrow, January 12th, 2021.

IIROC Client IdentifiersOps Notice 2020-042
Symbol ExpansionOps Notice 2020-038
*TSX DRK Anonymous Broker PreferencingEquities Trading Notice 2020-024

These enhancements will be available in our Production environment effective March 29th, 2021 and updated specifications can be found on the TMX Webstore.

*TSX DRK Anonymous Broker Preferencing is subject to regulatory approval for Production launch.

For more information contact TMX Market Operations at (416) 947-4357.