August 3, 2021
Equities Notice 2021-014

TMX Group

TMX Equity Trading Notice

TSX/TSXV Closing Price, Last Ask Price and Last Bid Price

TMX Equities is pleased to announce that, subject to regulatory approval, we intend to rename the data values found on the "Derived Closing" message, previously communicated in TMX Equities Trading Notice 2021-013.

TL1 and TRD values will be renamed to "TSX Closing Price", "TSX Last Ask Price", and "TSX Last Bid Price". CL1 and VRD values will be renamed to "TSXV Closing Price", "TSXV Last Ask Price", and "TSXV Last Bid Price".

The messages will be sent out twice daily at 4:10pm and 5:00pm EST. The latter time will capture any trade cancellations that may affect the TSX Closing Price or TSXV Closing Price values. Subject to regulatory approval, the implementation date for this change is set for September 27, 2021.

This message type will not impact, nor will it replace, the official last sale price for the purposes of index calculations, Last Sale Trading Session, or determining the following day's board lot size.

Message Type R - TSX/TSXV Closing Price Changes

Previous NameNew Name
(as applicable and subject to regulatory approval)
Derived Closing Price TSX Closing Price / TSXV Closing Price
Derived Last Ask Price TSX Last Ask Price / TSXV Last Ask Price
Derived Last Bid Price TSX Last Bid Price / TSXV Last Bid Price

Implementation Details

Services Impacted TL1, CL1, TRD, VRD
Message Type "R" - TSX/TSXV Closing Price
Production Implementation Date Sept 27, 2021 - Subject to Regulatory Approval

For more information regarding this notice, please contact the Account Management Team or