Sponsored Programs

TMX Group sponsors a variety of courses and events relevant to listed companies. The program provider's website provides additional detail and dates.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Board Effectiveness Program

This three-day director education program offered by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto provides a framework for directors, entrepreneurs and advisory board members to explore governance issues unique to SMEs and allows participants to come up with their own plan of action to ensure the survival, growth and success of their businesses. Participants develop a "toolkit" for success, applicable to SMEs at various stages of growth and development.

If your company is listed, contemplating going public or seeking additional rounds of venture capital funding, the SME Board Effectiveness Program can help you navigate your growth course. This program is well suited to directors of small and medium-sized companies (market cap under $350M) in the public and private sectors.

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CIRI's Essentials of Investor Relations Program

The Canadian Investor Relations Institute's (CIRI) two-day professional development program is designed to develop and expand the knowledge and expertise of those new to the field of investor relations. This comprehensive program covers the core responsibilities of investor relations professionals including IR strategy and planning, capital markets, regulations, finance, stakeholder relationships and communications.

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IR Magazine Think Tank

IR Magazine Think Tanks are interactive, multi-session conferences that address today's most pressing investor relations issues. Participants share their own experiences and views on these topics in small roundtable groups after top industry experts open the discussions.

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Corporate Secretary Think Tank

Corporate Secretary Think Tanks are interactive conferences for governance, risk and compliance professionals. Connect to the best minds in Canadian GRC and participate in focused think tanks that will foster learning from industry experts and peers.

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