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Thinking of listing fixed income securities on TSX? Here are a few things that you should know.

The North American market for corporate fixed income (ie: bonds) is very large and very active. While most fixed income securities are traded outside of public marketplaces (that is, in over-the-counter markets), some issuers prefer the transparency and liquidity that may come from listing their bonds on public exchanges. This is particularly true for issuers who are looking to target retail investors in their offerings.

Under Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) rules, TSX issuers may list their fixed income securities on TSX, subject to meeting listing requirements. These requirements are available in the TSX Company Manual. Issuers who may not meet all the requirements are nonetheless encouraged to reach out to TSX to discuss potential waivers. Please note that, effective November 1, 2020, TSX is lowering the fees for listing fixed income securities - the new fee schedule will be posted here.

If you have questions about listing bonds on our markets, please feel free to reach out to your listings manager or to the Company Services team.

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