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Trading Fundamentals

Steven Mills, Head of Company Services, Ontario, guides our conversation on trading fundamentals. Speaking first with Victor Ciampini, Senior Manager, Market Quality, we will walk participants through how a trade takes place, define basic terms, identify different stakeholders, and show participants where and how to look at trading information.
In the second half, Steven will be joined by Michael Tintinaglia, Manager, Business Development, who will address capital market structures and the differences between them, as well as different trading strategies and why they are used.

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0:00 Introduction
3:36 Trading Terms
5:23 Liquidity
8:38 Stakeholders
10:10 TSX Market Making
14:08 IIROC's Role
18:12 Alternative Trading Systems
22:16 Dark Pools
24:46 Anonymous & Short Selling
31:18 Derivative Strategies
33:59 Price Volatility
41:55 Perceived Manipulation
47:05 Sources of Trade Data