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ESG 101 is an evolving hub of complimentary resources curated for issuers by TMX and by many of Canada's leading ESG experts.

Key Benefits

Issuer-relevant ESG resources
Variety of content:articles, events, podcasts, videos, and definitions
Contributor Centre for connections to firms with ESG answers - rating agencies, consultants, second opinion organizations and more
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Our complimentary Growth Accelerator Program provides companies of any size or stage of listing with guidance and best practices on ESG Disclosure and a variety of other topics.

Key Benefits

Complimentary 60-90 minute 1-on-1 education session
Flexible time and place arranged directly with your Company Services Head or email

Our Primer on Environmental & Social Disclosure helps listed issuers get started with, or enhance their ESG disclosure by first considering the financially material environmental and social aspects of their businesses.

Key Benefits

Disclosure requirements and guidelines
Process for assessing materiality
Overview of ratings firms and disclosure standards and frameworks