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Interested in Free ESG Insights and Broader ESG Reporting Dissemination?

Last year, TMX introduced several new initiatives to assist issuers with understanding and preparing disclosure of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information. These included our ESG 101 education hub, the release of a new Primer for Environmental and Social Disclosure, and the addition of a new ESG Disclosure module to our Growth Accelerator education program.

As just announced, TMX has further expanded its resources for issuers by entering into a strategic alliance with IHS Markit to endorse their ESG Reporting Repository (the "Repository"). The Repository facilitates the disclosure of issuer ESG information into a variety of frameworks and standards, such as SASB and TCFD, and has extensive distribution channels to disseminate the information to global investors and stakeholders. As part of the agreement with IHS Markit, all TSX and TSXV-listed issuers that agree to the Repository's terms and conditions, may enter their ESG data into the Repository at no cost and benefit from:

  • free access to peer analysis and investor insights
  • a framework converter that helps issuers identify where their reported ESG data aligns (or does not align) with another framework or standard
  • fillable templates that can be downloaded for issuer website disclosure (especially valuable for issuers that have not started their ESG reporting)
  • IHS Markit's extensive distribution channels to disseminate the information to global investors and stakeholders

Issuers, especially small-cap issuers, are likely to be marginalized if they fall behind on ESG disclosure. Our mix of ESG resources can aid in the processes of ESG risk/opportunity assessment and ESG disclosure. We believe this latest initiative lays the groundwork to facilitate broader ESG reporting by issuers, and broader dissemination of their ESG disclosures to a global audience. For the market, the Repository creates comparable raw data for both Canadian and international investors.

Issuers interested in learning more about the benefits of using the IHS Markit ESG Reporting Repository should contact their Company Services Head or email

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