U.S. Companies - 2023 Guide to Listing

2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 2023 GUIDE TO LISTING 2 3 AT A GLANCE REALIZE YOUR VISION GO PUBLIC CANADA’S GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS OPPORTUNITIES FOR COMPANIES AT EVERY STAGE OF GROWTH BENEFITS OF THE CANADIAN MARKETS FOR U.S. COMPANIES GETTING READY TO LIST STEPS TO LISTING GRADUATION TO TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE DUAL LISTING ACCESS TO U.S. INVESTORS LISTING REQUIREMENTS SUPPORTING YOUR GROWTH MARKET INTELLIGENCE GROUP (MIG) TSX TRUST THE LISTING EXPERIENCE DIRECTORY OF CONTACTS 2 4 6 8 9 10 12 20 25 26 27 30 36 40 40 41 42 AT A GLANCE CANADA’S GLOBAL CAPITAL MARKETS UNPARALLELED ACCESS TO: * Source: The World Federation of Exchanges, TSX/TSXV Market Intelligence Group and exchange websites. As of December 31, 2021. GLOBAL LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY Global investors, companies, and capital market participants have experience with TSX and TSXV. We operate a rules-based marketplace with a history of integrity that provides your company a base to grow and extend its retail and global investor base. ACCESS TO CAPITAL In addition to institutional and retail investors, passive investors area growing part of the marketplace. TSX issuers have access to all of Canada’s leading indexes. Each year we extend the products and asset base, tracking our issuers so you can position your compan with the industry leaders. THE BEST CANADIAN MARKET INFRASTRUCTURE TSX and TSXV are the only Canadian exchanges that trade on all Canadian markets and have access to the widest global quote distribution. This can give your company access to the largest pool of investors and the greatest amount of liquidity. Our exchanges also have more registered traders to provide liquidity. LIQUIDITY VALUE TRADED $2.8 T GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES AMONG GLOBAL PEERS FOR NEW INTERNATIONAL LISTINGS* #2 CAPITAL EQUITY CAPITAL RAISED FINANCINGS $27B 1,700+ TABLE OF CONTENTS