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United States

Growth Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Learn more about listing on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange 

  • Access to Capital – U.S. issuers raised $1.8 billion in equity capital in 2017
  • Good Visibility – A large analyst community covers issuers on both Exchanges, and it is estimated that more than 40% of all trading on the Exchanges originates outside of Canada
  • Tailored & Flexible Listing Criteria – Listing requirements are tailored to companies at varying stages of growth
  • Growth Support – TSXV-listed companies have the potential to graduate to the senior board, TSX, as they grow and mature

Sector Activity at a Glance – YTD May 31, 2018


Listing Information for U.S. Companies

For more information on listing requirements, please refer to our 2020 Guide to Listing.

For more information on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange listed companies, please refer to our Current Market Statistics.


To learn more about listing a U.S. company on TSX/TSXV, please contact:

Bruno Desmarais
Vice President, Regional Sales (East)
+1 514-787-6693 

George Khalife
Vice President, Capital Formation (Midwest U.S.)
+1 773-502-5684 

Delilah Panio
Vice President, Capital Formation (Southern California)
+1 310-990-9032 

Ryan Thomas
Head, Business Development, Diversified Industries
+1 416 947-4279 

Dean McPherson
Head, Business Development, Global Mining
+1 416 947-4477

Dani Lipkin
Head, Innovation Sector, Capital Formation
+1 416 814-8874