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TMX LINX Online Filing Portal

TMX LINX is a centralized web-based portal for Issuers listed on TSX and TSXV, their advisors, and other stakeholders to interact with the exchanges in an easy-to-navigate, secure and efficient manner. It is a single point of access for Exchange listed issuers and their advisors to make and manage filings, send and receive documents, and communicate directly with Exchange staff.

TMX LINX is now available for all Issuers and their advisors to use for all filings. Issuers and their advisors may register now using the link below, or contact any of the Exchange staff for additional information. The following documents and transactions will be required to be filed with the Exchange using TMX LINX as of the dates indicated below:

  • July 1, 2024: Form 4G – Summary Form - Security Based Compensation
  • September 1, 2024: Security Based Compensation Plans
  • November 1, 2024: Form 4A – Price Reservation Form & Form 4B – Notice of Private Placement
  • January 1, 2025: All filings

Sign up for TMX LINX now and find additional information here. For TMX LINX technical support, contact

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