Technology and Innovation

Realize your vision and join hundreds of technology and innovation companies who go public, list their shares and raise capital every single year on TSX and TSXV.

Key benefits

  • Access to capital from a broad investor base in Canada and globally
  • Enhanced profile, visibility, and credibility among customers, employees, investors, and the media
  • Efficient path to growth via acquisitions
  • Increased opportunity to attract, retain, and motivate leadership and employees
  • Improved liquidity for shareholders

2019 Statistics

  • $8 billion equity capital raised in 2019
  • 50 new Innovation listings in 2019
  • Over 200 Innovation IPOs and new listings since 2015 from Canadian, U.S and global companies
  • Over 400 companies from startups to global leaders

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Guide to Listing

Read the Guide to Listing

2020 Guide to Listing
An introductory guide to the Canadian capital markets, including listing requirements, listing vehicles and sector profiles.

Download a list of technology and innovation companies who have listed with us on TSX and TSX Venture.

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