Canada’s Leading Dark Pool Trading Solution

Welcome to TSX DRK, Toronto Stock Exchange’s innovative dark pool trading solution. TSX DRK provides a unique platform for trading on TSX and TSXV-listed securities, combining deep liquidity with flexibility and efficiency.

TSX DRK stands out with its exclusive functionality of integrating lit and pure dark orders within the same ecosystem, offering a high level of adaptability to the Canadian market. Market participants can trade displayed and non-displayed order flows, employ active and passive posting strategies and executive large trades without information leakage.

Harness the Power of Dark and Lit Order Types

TSX DRK provides a single platform for interacting with dark or lit liquidity, and is the largest dark pool in Canada in terms of value traded. As of August 31, 2023, more than 30% of total monthly dark volume traded was through TSX DRK, excluding intentional cross, auction and odd lot.1

Whether deploying a dark-only liquidity-taking strategy or integrating TSX and TSXV into your multi-venue dark routing strategies, our Seek Dark Liquidity® (SDL®) order type provides access to dark liquidity. With the Provide Dark Liquidity (PDL) order feature, interact only with active dark liquidity and posted dark orders to optimize your trading strategy. Experience the efficiency of primary, midpoint, and market pegs order types and minimum price improvements with TSX DRK.

1 All data is sourced from TSX/TSXV Market Intelligence Group Analysis.


Access to deep liquidity, flexibility, competitive pricing and order type optionality with TSX DRK. Enjoy the unique benefits of interacting with active dark liquidity and posted dark orders while avoiding spread crossing liquidity.

TSX DRK offers:
  • 1 A unique choice to interact with pure dark or lit liquidity as compared to traditional dark pools in Canada
  • 2 Competitive fee schedule with one of least expensive overall first-route options for dark price-improving liquidity compared to other dark pools in Canada
  • 3 Non-displayed limit orders and pegged order types, integrating dark orders with TSX and TSXV order book for increased fill opportunities and value traded
  • 4 Various order features to suit different dark strategies, including Minimum Quantity (MinQty) and Minimum Interaction Size (MIS) conditions
Learn more about TSX and TSXV dark order types.

Our platform aims to simplify your trading strategies with cost-efficient and controlled trading options. Minimize information leakage while maximizing trading efficiency.

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing
Access deep liquidity and competitive pricing at Price Improved level. TSX DRK aims to provide an avenue for participants seeking to maximize value in their trades.
Order Type Optionality
Order Type Optionality
Utilize PDL order type for dark trades or dark limit orders for trading flexibility with lit or dark flow.
Trading Efficiency
Trading Efficiency
Execute efficient dark active sweeping strategies, facilitate the best execution at reduced costs and minimize information leakage.
Explore a world of efficient and flexible trading strategies tailored to your needs. Make the most of your trading potential with TSX DRK.