October 31, 2022
Ops Notice 2022-028

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TMX Axis Portal Notice

TMX Axis Portal Notice

The TMX would like to announce that PO's are expected to use TMX Axis portal for the specific requests that can be made through the portal starting January 1st, 2023. These requests include:

  • Trader Registration
  • Trader IDs
  • TMS access
  • Order Entry Sessions
  • Direct Connectivity Requests
  • VPN Connectivity Requests.

TMX Axis is an easy-to-navigate, centralized digital portal that enables clients to efficiently and effectively manage trading and market access services across TMX's equity and derivative markets. What has historically been done by manual requests via email or phone will be accomplished in an efficient and user friendly manner through our digital service portal. Portal users will be enabled to view and manage their TMX Markets settings and services on their own.

This represents the start of our journey towards the digitization of our service and support offerings. We anticipate launching several incremental enhancements to TMX Axis over the coming months as we look to digitize additional service offerings.